Standardization and determination of reliability and validity of abbreviated self- efficacy form of personal globe inventory in students of University of Isfahan

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  Abbreviated self-efficacy form of Personal Globe Inventory is a shorter measure that is based on the most comprehensive model of career self-efficacy, and can be very useful for use in research and interventions of career counseling. In order to standardize and determine its reliability and validity, 320 university students of University of Isfahan (137male, 183female) were randomly selected and responded to activity preference form and abbreviated self-efficacy form of Personal Globe Inventory. Alpha coefficients showed good internal consistency of 0.8 in its subscales and test-retest coefficients showed good reliability in all its subscales (min=0.71, max=0.87). In relation to vocational interest, all subscales showed good convergent construct and predictive criteria validity. Randomization test supported the structural validity for this measure (CI>0.55,sig=0.02 for Holland’s Model and CI>0.50,sig